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Training in socio-environmental education, encouraging school gardens and workshops with children

Public Schools

In the three years of operation of the EcomAmor Institute, school gardens have become one of its main strands of work, being understood as a fundamental space for complementing school meals, in addition to an extension of the classroom. Since 2016, we have worked with public schools, always improving the project according to the demands of the school community.  And, since 2019, we have been working with long-term projects (“Da Horta Para a Merenda” and “ Seja Semente, Plante Amor”), focused on education, aiming to develop pedagogical and environmental training with public education institutions in order to strengthen learning communities in schools, integrating students, staff and family members into cooperation networks, supporting school garden projects and promoting biopsychosocial development, and food and nutritional security for children and adolescents.

Private Schools

As our mission is to transform the city into a healthier space, we believe that schools are the best places for the exercise of systemic thinking and, therefore, we offer learning experiences through pedagogical training for educators and school staff promoting the connection between environmental education, systemic thinking and the teaching methodology developed by EcomAmor.

Projects carried out

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