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The field days of EcomAmor arose from the desire to understand the paths of our food, from the field to the table! Once a year, since the foundation of the Institute, we have promoted a day of activities so that the people of the city can get to know and connect with the people responsible for the production of food that arrives at our homes.
We prioritize visits to family and agroecological products in our region so that we can address issues such as caring for the land and people, the cultivation of medicinal plants and unconventional food plants, biodiversity, food security and sovereignty, sustainable agricultural methods among others.


Field Day is a time to leave the urban center so that we can connect and learn more about nature through immersion in the field and with the people and beings that live in it. We believe in learning through experience, and being on the spot learning and sharing relevant topics for the promotion of a more sustainable city, brings us closer to action and practice in a more effective way.

When happened:
July 8, 2017 – visit to the São Domingos Settlement, Morrinhos – GO

December 1, 2018 – Field Day – visit to Sitio Dirindele and Orgânico Pudica, Hidrolândia – GO

April 13, 2019 – visit to the Dom José Gomes Settlement, Corumbá de Goiás – GO

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