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In 2017, selected to participate in the YLAI (Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative), a five-week program for entrepreneurs, funded by the Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. EcomAmor was able to do a professional exchange in Portland, Oregon and learn from the American NGO Growing Gardens, which, 20 years ago, developed socio-environmental work in prisons, low-income communities and schools.


In the selection of projects for the reverse exchange of YLAI, we approved and received Rima Green, from Growing Gardens, to assist us in the implementation of training for young people in conflict with the law and for employees of the Centro de Atendimento Socioeducativo de Goiânia. In addition to theoretical training, participants experienced the construction of a vegetable garden capable of providing healthy food for consumption and sale. The project sought to create positive experiences to assist them in social reintegration and guarantee basic human rights, such as access to healthy food, education and leisure activities, and consisted of two weeks training with 16 employees and 22 young people in June and monthly visits from July to December 2018.

and training that impacted the Institute’s methodology.


In all, 38 people benefited directly and 140 indirectly and the production of this “small garden” also impacted young families and employees. The experience with CASE pointed out the importance of continuous monitoring.
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